Auto Insurance

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The Walters Agency

Anyone who owns a car must have auto insurance if the car is going to be driven on the road. This is true in all 50 states and most Canadian provinces. Therefore, you should know the different types of coverage available, the benefits that they provide as well as how to purchase coverage.

What Types of Coverage Are Available?

There are many different types of auto coverage available to drivers. General liability coverage is required in all states and covers drivers in the event that they cause an accident. Collision coverage pays for any damage caused to your car in an accident. Comprehensive coverage comes into play if your car is damaged while no one was driving it.

What Benefits Are Derived From Auto Coverage?

The biggest benefit of car insurance is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you won't have to pay for medical bills or to replace your car if you are at fault for an accident. When you rent a car, your insurance company may pay for damage if you damage the car or it is stolen. This can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to what you would pay if you didn't have insurance.

How Does Car Insurance Work?

If your car is damaged or stolen, you can file a claim with your insurance company by calling them or filing a claim through their website. You then take the car to any body shop that you want to for repairs. The body shop will coordinate with the insurance company to make repairs and get paid for their work.

Car insurance is a necessity for anyone who wants to drive. To find out more about a specific policy or to learn how to get the best price for coverage, you can talk to an agent near you for more details.