Homeowners Insurance

The Walters Agency

The Walters Agency

Mayhem really is everywhere - at your tailgating parties, on the highway, and in your home. If your housekeeper slips and falls down the stairs, he or she might accumulate expensive medical bills if you dont have the right coverage.

What is Home Owners Insurance?

This policy pays for damages or theft of personal property and real estate. Contracts might also include liability benefits in case of personal injury.

Who Needs Home Insurance?

Its for everyone who owns a home, of course. A close cousin to it is renters insurance for people who want to cover their personal property. However, the benefits for people who own a house usually include more extensive protection. This will help them pay for any act of God (or the Devil or some other force) that could occur.

How it Works

For example, someone comes over to visit and slips on a toy while walking in the hallway as they walk to the bathroom. Maybe this guest (or even someone who lives in the home) breaks his/her neck after falling backward. Your contract might include terms stating it covers that. It also can provide payment for damage or liability of your house, property, lawn or belongings.

Different Types of Coverage

Most home insurance policies offer options for personal property and dwelling protection. People might also receive payouts for damage to attached structures such as decks or garages. They also can acquire liability insurance in case of an accident that causes injury to a visitor. Furthermore, the right contract even provides catastrophic protection for all household members. Renters can also obtain liability insurance for anyone who lives in the house or visits.

Major Benefits

Cash is paid out to claimants if a tragedy occurs. The amount usually covers cost of repair or replacement of personal property. However, it can also provide funds for living expenses if a home becomes inhabitable. In some cases, costs are reimbursed after customer purchase, and other times a stipend is paid in advance.